In order to assist Catholic communities throughout the social isolation, LiturgyHelp is providing free access to individuals and families who are usually connected to worshipping groups.

As an isolated user and family, we hope that access to texts, prayers and other resources will assist your and your family's prayer and worship over the coming weeks.

Even as a free user of LiturgyHelp we ask you to follow some basic rules:

Most importantly, LiturgyHelp is designed to help you and your family to pray.

Resources are to be used for personal prayer, ministry or study, and are not to be used for commercial purposes.

If you email material or print it for others, it is important that appropriate copyright notices are included in printed and electronic material and that all adaptations of material are appropriate.

Material from the official texts (Lectionary and Missal) must not be altered, unless permissible by the relevant rubrics.

At the end of the crisis period, if your parish or school does not obtain a valid licence with LiturgyHelp, you must delete all saved data taken from our website and no longer use our resources.