Liturgy Conference Parramatta March 2020

Personal and Family Prayer during Isolation - USA

LiturgyHelp is providing Catholics in the United States with access to a range of resources for personal and family prayer during the period of social isolation.

The resources available on this limited free general access version of LiturgyHelp will grow over time and initially include:

Access to the daily readings in English and Spanish

Access to the daily Missal texts in English and Spanish

Sunday Prayer Services (Liturgy of the Word)

Sunday and Special Feasts Scripture Commentary

Sunday and Special Feasts Homily and Reflection

Sunday Universal Prayer

General prayer – traditional, prayers to our Lady and litanies.

Sunday Prayer of the Church (Divine Office - morning and evening prayer)

Sunday Gospel based children's activities

Sunday Lectionary word games

Follow the instructions here to access current material in the Liturgical Calendar:

  Download PDF Version

Stay up to date with our Facebook page as more resources are added over the coming days.

We hope that we all can gain a sense of prayerful solidarity with our local faith communities and the whole Body of Christ.